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A couple of new add-ons

I posted two new add-ons on WWC yesterday, one shows the position of castles and the other shows the position of Aeronet sites.

They are both based on kml placemarks from GE, I got the idea after seeing the Aeronet kml on a blog site of a NASA employee who promotes using GE (don’t get me started!), so I loaded the kml in a neat app called Scout which converts kml files to a simple lat file, I then asked my friend ShockFire to make me a C# app to convert that to a WW add-on xml, 30 minutes later I had a WW add-on. For the castles add-on I used the same process but edited the file with another app called WINK Spots to add url’s to the icons of each castle.

Aeronet add-on
Castles add-on

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  1. Anonymous

    Could you make this addonj public?

  2. Bull_[UK]

    They are both public, just click on the links below the pictures or visit to download them, if you mean the latconverter app, that will be posted on the World Wind forums soon, it isn’t very user freindly and has no UI so I need to document it a bit first.

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks for your answer ! yes, I meant the apps, BTW 😉

  4. Anonymous

    “I then asked my friend ShockFire to make me a C# app to convert that to a WW add-on xml,”

    Is this app available somewhere?

  5. Bull_[UK]

    you can get it here
    replace with your own file, run the app and output.xml will be created, edit that with notepad or WINKspots to pretty it up.

  6. Anonymous

    Bull – I can’t seem to pull up is there something missing from the address?

  7. Anonymous

    Got it! Don’t know why I didn’t think of adding .zip

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