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A message from Felicia

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The door bell rang at seven am this morning, it was the postman delivering a very special parcel from the states.

Picture of a handwritten note

Inside was this note from Felicia Day (if you don’t know who she is you should hand in your geek membership card right now), Felicia is attending the Starfury INV4SION event in London later this year, I’m a big fan of hers but arranging an accessible room, getting down there, hiring a portable hoist etc. are just a little too much to organise, so my best friend Kylie emailed Felicia’s ‘people’ and I was sent this lovely parcel from her and her team.

Picture of The Guild companion book and some other signed gifts

The parcel also contained a signed picture of The Guild cast, The Guild official companion book signed by Felicia and some collectors cards, the perfect gift for a geek like me.

Thank you Felicia for a really lovely message and amazing gifts, maybe next time you travel across the pond I will get to see you and say hi, you’ve made a fan very happy, keep up your great work with acting, being a brilliant role model for both geeks and women alike and entertaining us all on YouTube.

Thanks also to the team at Geek & Sundry for sorting this out, and of course my bestie Kylie, you are all awesome.

picture of me and my cat with gifts

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