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December London Trip

Another busy week, but I managed a December London Trip, which although cold was a really good day and I managed to get some nice photos.

I met up with my photography group on Tuesday.  Although there was some mindfulness I was also rushing to get back to a meeting in the afternoon.  The meeting was with the council, unfortunately it wasn’t about my housing just a routine check by the tenancy officer.

Sleep Study

Daniel Baker in a hospital bed with lots of wires attached to him

Wednesday I had to travel to the Royal Brompton hospital in London for my sleep study.  While there I also agreed to take part in a research project.  It involved some extra tests and being monitored even more closely overnight with lots of probes attached to me.  My respiratory results were perfect, my heart isn’t great but hasn’t changed much.  I will need to start taking heart medication again soon.

[photonic type=’google’ view=’photos’ album_id=’AHd8C38vUT90P0FXvkvX6-NNqwRmdxZgv_nbsB2OoizHEgaSdwIZUB4′ count=’4′ more=’Show More…’ main_size=’1600′ layout=’random’]

Friday I had a meeting with another potential care agency.  It seemed to go okay but will take a while before they start.  I also got the news that the care agency, who were supposed to be covering shifts over Christmas, had pulled out.  I don’t think it’s coincidence they left it so late, I suspect they just wanted to cause me as much trouble as possible.

December London Trip

Daniel Baker sitting outside the gates of Buckingham Palace on his December London Trip

On Sunday I decided to travel back to London, this time for pleasure.  I have wanted a proper visit that didn’t involve hospital appointments all year.  Although rushed, it was a good day.  We managed to visit Hyde park, then Buckingham Palace.  I couldn’t get many pictures at the palace sadly as my hands were too cold to move.

After Buckingham Palace we headed for the museums.  As my phone battery was needing a charge I had to rely on my carer’s phone and Google directions.  One day I will learn not to use walking directions from Google, a thirty minute walk took an hour.  I was completely frozen by the end and also aching from the lovely cobbled streets we were directed down.

We popped in the Science museum first, having a very brief look round as time was getting on.  Afterwards we spent about an hour in the Natural History museum.  It has been one of my favourite places since I first visited on a school trip in the 80’s, I even still have a ruler I bought back then on one of my shelves.

After the museums we headed back to Hyde Park where my van was parked.  Having warmed up a little I took some photos of their Winter Wonderland from across the river.

[photonic type=’google’ view=’photos’ album_id=’AHd8C39c6jf0lxx3Kbzg3mN_sq4BrSrOgHF0pHqfrYel2_dTui_wwJc’ count=’4′ more=’Show More…’ main_size=’1600′ layout=’random’]

The next couple of weeks will be quieter, my main carer is on holiday and my PA is mainly on night shifts.  There will be meetings and other boring things though to deal with.

Local Press Interview

Screenshot of Gloucestershire Live article about Daniel Baker

Oh I really shouldn’t forget to share this, the lovely Kim Horton from our local paper interviewed me a couple of weeks ago.  She wrote a great article which you can read on Gloucestershire Live.  Hopefully it raises some awareness for various charities and also gives people something positive to read.

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