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Oxford Brookes Observe Interview

As some of you may know a month or so ago I visited my old university, Oxford Brookes, for the first time since I graduated.  During this visit I was interviewed by the Alumni communications officer, Sirius Gibson, my Oxford Brookes Observe Interview is now available online.

Image of Oxford Brookes Observe Interview from website

In some ways it seems so long since I attended Brookes, but in other ways it feels like just yesterday, a lot has happened since but I also feel I wasted ten of those years due to my agoraphobia.  I think that is one reason I’m packing so much into life now, I’m trying to make up for that lost time.  Some things I will never get chance to realise now, but hopefully I can make my mark on this world at least.

Daniel Baker in his graduation gown sitting outside Oxford Brookes University with his Nan Olive Baker standing behind him
Me and my Nan on my graduation day

Hopefully people find the article interesting, personally I’m very glad I finally got to visit Brookes again. I wish I had stayed in touch with my fellow students, but that was a time before social media and most of us didn’t even have mobile phones or personal email addresses!  I didn’t attend my graduation ball either, so didn’t have that chance to swap any contact details or say goodbye.  Maybe someone will read this article and get in touch, if not it’s still good to have this connection to Brookes re-established in my life.

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