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Photos Roundup December 2018

I haven’t been keeping my gallery page updated so thought I’d share some of my recent ones, so here’s m Photos Roundup December 2018, click on the icons to open an album, I’m using a new plugin which links to Google Photos due to Flickr’s new policy which majorly reduces the amount of photos you can upload.

[photonic type=’google’ view=’albums’ filter=’AHd8C3-nhAUlssyq7rI496l9VhrMsZ0l_z47JsvfAMhRkCtrXPgH7hQ,AHd8C3_0zzO7uhWIf1y6hXXwkoplWCCJ76HVbGmY3pCmV_jRznGgGNk,AHd8C39BHjrDwg3cWl5rrcYKza-KaUZw5VQhS_KvPinTTTZGPzQ-oQI,AHd8C38g4oA11d-hKx3PrBWeSAOM9_Bkc5pgQ4Ma7S3N7C4Af6L95HQ,AHd8C3-V9jkiiAUjx31PV-eI6el8Eqt8HY_rZS8RUd4pKwwwwxuDzRA,AHd8C38uKSMZH–DoTLC7UKreszaWaxpDN16kXQ1N0vjxzgQuiXs0H4,AHd8C3_ba0fUqe7vNq95lTITZHP21rQYbnZPo8VsT5eLAmzflXEltp4,AHd8C385sUZwcS8JlV0awBu5cpIuUmVPTLXg20eTB34XWgK8GFgKfnk,AHd8C3_tgLeHibJaSSMCn8v1DxT5x7Rw9TjfFGeUkC8gZWB0hGwCyDE,AHd8C38s0uwsy0n98nGhj67ecvqLaw-NKitQBPA-UZlIoifVJmOW-ZQ,AHd8C39g-EcYdyQnLMKQswtqXKmQvaXJeJGZD_ZqT_Jdy6LMkCUJWEQ,AHd8C38_SoXXigbSbcmHbZFk5iaFQ5J_5C5gFQH4ozotDdlpMlZhqbo,AHd8C3_rkviVu4ZYb8j0a4KvydRTYoZ-dQ-1g0bML_lgBtSdXu6sKEc,AHd8C39z95H9pyYlIyviV8-QsAtqSlSbB3FuHz764c7QQ1Qv1l6Vwdo’ crop_thumb=’crop’ main_size=’1600′ thumb_size=’150′ popup=’hide’ layout=’circle’]

If you experience any trouble let me know as I’m going to have to change all photo albums on this site over in the next month before Flickr starts deleting images.


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