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R.I.P. Steve Irwin

This is a non GIS post

When I first saw the television show Crocodile Hunter, I thought “who is that crazy annoying Australian?”, but his enthusiasm was addictive, and I quickly became a fan of the show

To hear today that he was dead was sad news, and I my deepest sympathy’s go out to his family Terri, Robert and Bindi, when I saw Bindi on the show it was obvious she adored him, and that he was a great loving father.

I will always appreciate the enjoyment and education I received by watching his show, and although his life was short he packed it full and achieved so much, and should be an example to us all.

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  1. aussiemac

    G’day Bull,
    Steve Irwin’s zoo and home is about
    30 kms from my house, here in Noosa.
    All our sympathies go to his wife and children.

    There’s a lot of kids around the world, some in single parent homes who regarded Steve as the ideal father figure, they called their own.
    Very sad indeed….

    PS Good to see you are still a WW stalwart. I’m currently downloading 1.3.5 to find out what’s new.
    Can I use it with my gps to navigate
    around the world yet?
    aussiemac (bill mcleod)

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