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Royal Brompton – Day 4

Today was a lot less busy which I really needed, I was pretty shattered last night and today.

I was up reasonably early as the Occupational Therapists were due at ten and I needed to be hoisted into my wheelchair before that.  The Occupational Therapists didn’t take too long, they checked my position and gave recommendations, they will be contacting my local authorities about my wheelchair, splinting, bed, etc. Gloucestershire will be so happy….

After this I saw professor Simonds again who is happy with how I’m doing, she decided against upping my heart medication as a couple of my blood pressure readings had been lower than usual, they’ll monitor over the weekend with my current dose.  She also said there won’t be any tests over the weekend so I can get out and relax before the journey back to Cheltenham on Monday.

I managed a short nap after this, I didn’t really want to but was beginning to feel ill with exhaustion and couldn’t keep my eyes open.  The lovely respiratory student popped in after this to check the venturas serial number and say the team would be up again later.  It was more obs again after this.

The respiratory physiologist and her two students came up an hour or so later, they had prepared a booklet with very helpful information for myself and any of my carers on how to use my ventilators, maintenance, details of what ventilation does etc. after this the lead went over everything with my PA and her students and signed my PA off as competent as Gloucestershire NHS had requested it.  With that all sorted I had an ECG.

The doctor returned later to go over things before the weekend, my ECG has a longer than normal QT interval, it’s not dangerous yet but is an indication of something wrong, we are reducing my amitriptyline more as this can effect the QT interval and they’ll monitor me.

Last has been the usual obs and blood thinner injection, tomorrow I’m planning on visiting a museum or two, I’m not really feeling like it but I’ll enjoy it when I’m there and hopefully get some good photographs.

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