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This just makes me nervous, from

Message from the ARC Center Director: Kick-off Event for Google-NASA Collaboration on Friday
Date Released: Thursday, December 14, 2006
Source: Ames Research Center

Date: Wed 13 Dec 2006
To: (Recipient list suppressed)
From: Centerwide Announcement
Subject: Kick-off Event for Google-NASA Collaboration on Friday

Message from the Center Director: Kick-off Event for Google-NASA Collaboration on Friday

All members of the Ames community interested in the collaboration between Google and NASA are cordially invited to a kick-off event on Friday, Dec. 15, at 5:30 p.m. in the Exploration Center outside the main gate. A number of representatives from Google will be attending the event, which will feature a brief overview of the collaboration. Light food and beverages will be provided.

S. Pete Worden, Center Director

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  1. Michael

    Why be nervous? Cooperation between NASA and industry is important to NASA, industry, and the nation. That this would be so follows naturally from NASA’s basic mandate not to compete with industry. The prospect of Ames research staff working with engineers at Google seems great news. Just think of the global educational and research impact that could result from mature cooperation and respect for mutual strengths. It could create a whole new world!

  2. KoS

    I total understand Bull. You guys hang in there. Maybe someone higher-up will start to recognize.

    Not to say data shouldn’t be viewable in GE. But it seems NASA puts more effort in providing data for GE then their own product.

    Which seems ass backwards to me.

    Michael, it’s true govt and private sector should work together. But there should be some limits. I don’t trust big private sector business to do the right thing for the public good(I know too many big business men/women). They are generall all me, me, me type of attitude. Sometimes, anymore, I would say the same about the public sector.

    Plus I’ve started to dislike Google. When they refuse to recognize Memorial and Veterans Day on their banners, while at the same time recognize other similar nation’s holidays. I have little to lessing respect for the company.

    So, I’ve started to become a tad bias.


  3. Bull_[UK]

    Basically KoS hit the nail on the head, I’m very concerned that data will just be made available in kml form with no native acces for other applications like World Wind, certain NASA departments have already done this and it really grates on me.

    The other reason I’m slightly mad is because I have seen how hard the NASA World Wind team have had to fight and struggle to get any data from other NASA departments, it seems money talks even in a place like NASA full of scientists who should just want to share their data, this whole thing leaves me rather disillusioned.

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