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Unofficial status of World Wind 1.5

Before I start let me state this is just what I have gathered from chats on freenode, there may be errors and things are subject to change.

As many people are confused about what is happening with the future of World Wind I’ll try to clear some things up here.

1.3.4 – will be the final release of World Wind using its current codebase.

1.4 – will be skipped, as there was a test version started but it got sidelined, so as not to confuse developers.

1.5 – NASA are releasing two versions, one will use C#/Mdx, like now, and the other java/jOGL. NASA have hired Tom Gaskins to spec out 1.5 and lead the java team, also SUN have said
they will hire a developer to help. The C# version will continue to be lead by Chris and most of the current OS devs seem likely to stick with him.

That’s it, I hope it clears some stuff up, I’ll try to keep you all updated as we learn more.

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