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update on Global Mapper World Wind support

Global Mapper, a GIS data viewer and converter, have been busy working to add World Wind tile export, the results I’ve seen are great.

The downside is it is pretty expensive software, and they ask for credit card details for the demo version, but here is the really great news, they will be releasing a free version of Global Mapper which will allow World Wind export with the limitation that every tile will have the word ‘DEMO’ written across the tile diagonally, an excellent way of testing the product out before parting with any hard earned cash.

Global Mapper version 8.02 with WW export should be released tomorrow, so give it a try.

EDIT : I was wrong Global Mapper do not ask for credit card details to get the demo version of Global Mapper.

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  1. Anonymous

    FYI, we do NOT ask for credit card details to get the demo version of Global Mapper. Anyone can download the free trial without providing any information at . To get a full expiring demo just email as at [email protected] . Credit card information is only needed when purchasing a full license.


    Global Mapper Support
    [email protected]

  2. Bull_[UK]

    Cool, I was relying on second hand information, very nice product and exporting to WW is easy enough for me to use, if I had the money to buy GIS software GM would be at the top of my list.

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