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World Wind Java gets a step closer

edit : video needs approval, communication mix up

This isn’t exactly WWJ but it’s by the Java team and shows World Wind within a Java applet, installation was easy, just install Java, then accept the app in your browser, it asks to turn off directdraw support for better performance, but this is probably just for Windows.

Once installed it’s pretty fast, FRAPS framerate doesn’t agree with the displayed framerate but this is a test version, doubleclicking the left or right mouse buttons zoom in and out, you can also hold the middle mouse button for zooming if you have one.

The globe shows Blue Marble NG, and as you zoom in swaps to NLT Ladsat 7, I imagine more layers like USGS Ortho will be added soon, the tile downloading seems a bit slow, but it’s hosted on a test server at the moment so that’s probably why.

I tested it ine IE and firefox on Windows and both ran it fine, it has also been confirmed to run on OS X, so it should work fine on linux too. All in all its a good start and I’m eagerly awaiting an official release.

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  1. Luke

    Sorry for the comment, but I want to start doing some 3D programming similar to World Wing and Google Earth. How would you suggest I start, do you know of any good tutorials. I have some experience of C++ and Java.

  2. Bull_[UK]

    Your best bet is to ask the experts, join #wordwind or #osgeo on freenode (irc) I’m just a dabbler myself and no expert 😉

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