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Birthday Blog 2017

So another year has passed, not the best year and being 42 I had hoped to find the answer to life, the universe and everything, instead I got locked in our new van for an hour on the way to a rubbish holiday at the beginning of the year and ended it being rushed to hospital and nearly dying!

A photograph taken at Crickley hill on Daniel Baker's Birthday green trees in a wood arching over a trail covered in orange Autumn leaves

I have started my new year as I intend to go on, by pushing myself and making the most of this year I nearly didn’t have.  I took our dogs to our local country park this morning, it’s the longest trip out since hospital and furthest I’ve been from home, I didn’t manage to do as much as I wanted but that was purely because it was too cold, when my hands went purple and I started feeling ill I was sensible and headed home.  On Saturday night I am going to a music awards dinner and dance, something I’ve not done before, I may not manage long but I will prove to myself I can do it and spending time with some friends is also more important now.

It is almost midnight so I will try to get some sleep now after a day spent with loved ones and messages from lots of people who care about me.

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