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I have decided that this year that I won’t be a Scrooge for the holiday season, maybe I’m ill, anyway here are some photos of my decorated room,







Sheldon’s scarf and hat were made by my great friend Kylie from Not Even a Bag of Sugar, photoshopping by me.

[photonic type=’google’ view=’photos’ album_id=’AHd8C3-MwhUTLwmJ7jyAxAKKrrWSX1mI-XcCOQQ_NleS7h0p4Lu2lbw’ main_size=’1600′ layout=’random’]

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  1. Your room looks amazing I am so jealous!

    Now I feel Sheldon’s hat and scarf are the wrong colour scheme!

    I hope you have a lovely week leading upto Christmas, and that 2013 is amazing for you

  2. They match his Green Lantern T-Shirt, he looks amazing 🙂

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