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Goodbye Chris and welcome to the OS community

Well it’s now official, Chris Maxwell (The father of NASA World Wind) will be leaving NASA to work at Intelesense Technologies, the good news is he will be able to return to working on World Wind .NET.

We look forward to him becoming a bigger part of the World Wind community, NASA’s loss may well be our gain.

On a personal note I’d like to say thanks for everything you have done in making World Wind what it is today Chris, you have given a lot of bored geeks focus, and helped educate many people on the world(s) around us.

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  1. Chris Maxwell

    Hey Bull,

    Thanks for the kind words. This project is such a big part of my life so I feel lucky to be able to continue to get paid for the cool work that I get to do. =)


    Hello Bull,

    I come from Shanghai,China.and now
    I am using World wind for a time

    as a Software designer, I think World wind is very very great!!

    Now I am met a question like this:

    when I open world wind project in 2005
    There is something wrong with it

    in Angle.cs wrong like this:

    return String.Format(“{0}皗1}'{2:f3}””,

    and also
    return Degrees.ToString(CultureInfo.InvariantCulture)+”?;

    I use utf-8 to open it,it also wrong
    I don’t know what its’ coding is,
    can you help me,Tks.

  3. Bull_[UK]

    Thank you Chris, sorry for the old picture it’s all I could find 😉

    perhaps love, I’ll be hones I’m not sre, yourbest bet is to as ver at the forums
    I hope that helps.

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