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More fun with the GoPro

Well I’ve had my GoPro Hero 3 for a while now and made quite a few videos so I guess I should share my videos and experience here. The camera is great as you can see from the photos and videos, the remote control’s buttons are unfortunately a bit too stiff for me to press & I haven’t found a good place to mount my iPhone so I can use that to control the camera yet (not to mention the iPhone’s battery drains extremely fast using the GoPro App), my solution is to put the camera on time lapse with a 5 or 10 second delay, I then just line up my chair, stay still and wait for the camera’s indicator LED to flash. The only problem with this method of taking pictures is that I have a lot too sort through and delete afterwards, I’m very glad I bought a 32GB SD card!

I stick to recording video at 1080p 48fps as getting someone else to change modes for me is a hassle, and really 1080p is a good choice as it doesn’t take too much space, is high enough quality for most situations and doesn’t drain the battery too fast either.

So without further ado here are the results of my playing around –









For the fancy effects I used Lightworks, there is also a new version of Cinepro Studio available for free from the GoPro website.

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  1. I know how important photographs are to you, and its great now to see you being able to take photos and videos with much greater acuity and control.

    I do hope you feed back to GoPro and perhaps they have some solutions or easy ideas to help you gain more skills using it.

    I also think you could train others too in similar positions to take photos and keep a record of their daily travels.

    Well done Daniel for embracing a new hobby and sharing it with us and I look forward to many more photographs

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