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New i-cubed imagery now available in World Wind

Following up on my post about i-cubed donating Landsat imagery to the public domain, if you open World Winds layer manager and navigate to Images->NASA Landsat Imagery, you will see a new layer named I-Cubed ESAT World Landsat7 Mosaic, tick it and enjoy.

For more information see this WorldWind Central page.

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  1. Jeremy

    Can we download this data for offline viewing? If so do you have the link to get it?


  2. Bull_[UK]

    Currently the highest resolution tiles are created on the fly so there is no cache pack for World Wind.

    FEF is looking at getting the raw data from NASA, so hopefully we willhave the data for download in the future.

  3. Dave Smith

    Any updates? I am currently searching for free/low cost imagery of Cameroon, for a volunteer Engineers Without Borders project…

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