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Royal Brompton – Day 7

Not a great night again but morning arrived without any drama, after obs and another ECG the consultant visited, my blood pressure is still pretty low so they want me to stay on just 2mg of Perindopril for now, my ECGs over the weekend were good so that’s one less worry.  She’s going to book me in for a day appointment next time to make sure I stay on the system, they understand a day may just be too exhausting though and have said to let them know nearer the time if I feel I need an overnight stay instead.

Mum rang transport to confirm they were picking us up, the lady on the phone (probably the same one we spoke to last Monday) said no details were booked although the ambulance crew had been notified we wanted picking up, Mum may have raised her voice at this point as she had rung and confirmed the details on Friday, I would say I felt sorry for the lady on the phone but after the stress she caused us last Monday before I really think she probably deserves what she gets.  Just before transport arrived one of the Occupational Therapists came up, she’s been busy getting contact numbers and chasing things up, fingers crossed this means things will actually get done to improve things such as physio for me in Gloucestershire.

Transport arrived at just gone 1 pm (it was booked for 11 am but hey ho), the drivers as usual were helpful and got us back in good time, I think they probably have more stress from poor quality office staff running things than we do, we always remember this and never take our frustrations out on the drivers.

Getting home and into my own bed with a control I can actually use to raise and lower the bed myself is bliss, my Goddaughter had looked after the cat and flat well while we were away which makes things much easier.  I wasn’t happy to find amongst my mail another letter from HMRC saying I owe over £2000, I had thought changing my payroll provider to Penderels Trust would make things easier and less stressful for me but according to HMRC Penderels have underpaid them twice already, needles to say I have sent an unhappy email to the local Penderels office and am fuming.

I will enjoy having a peaceful night in my own bed tonight with no obs, no injections in my stomach and no nurse alarm going off every half an hour in the corridor.  I will probably do a round up tomorrow or maybe wait until I receive my discharge notes, I may also ask the team at the Brompton if I can have some copies of my ECG results, video of my flouroscopy and anything else they’d be happy to share so I can add them to the blog on the relevant days posts.

I do want to thank the team from the Brompton here as I know quite a few read this blog while I was in, I really hope it helped them a little getting a view from the other side, they all do a great job and have helped me immensely.

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