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World Wind and Windows 7

Well I just installed World Wind 1.4 onto Windows 7 beta and everything went amazingly easily, I wasn’t asked to update DirectX, or install either Managed DirectX or .Net, great !  After installation all I had to do was right click the desktop shortcut and select ‘run as administrator’ and World Wind popped up in all it’s glory, no connection problems, graphics glitches or anything, colour me impressed.

World Wind 1.4 running in Windows 7
World Wind 1.4 running in Windows 7

Also I love the on-screen keyboard in Windows 7, the predictive text makes things go so much faster, I’ve also noticed that it uses no more memory or CPU resources than my default XP install, I think I’m becoming a Windows 7 fanboy, arghh……..

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  1. Cool, it looks fantastic (WW I mean). I’ve got to try some of that Windows 7 goodness, whenever I have a spare day…

  2. winarko

    please give me the complete information how can i get the windows 7 ? no matter for pay it, my business are Gold and coal miner, so i need this news so much.
    thx for all

  3. jpmakesense

    im using win7 but i cant use my world wind.
    i already run it as administrator.
    please help me

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