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World Wind development bounties

In a move to encourage World Wind development, as currently we have no full time developers, we have created a bounty section on World Wind’s forums.

The idea of this section is for people to offer cash, or other incentives, to developers for specific tasks they want to see implemented or improved in World Wind.

From the wiki –

The Developer bounties section on the World Wind forums are a place where FEF/WWC and other interested parties offer interested developers cash or other bounties in addition to the fame of being a World Wind programmer to speed up the implementation of the numerous grand ideas we have.

This section of the forum will carry details related to the specific features that need to be implemented.

The bounties are offered in good faith and we trust the developers taking up the challenge to put in their best effort. The bounty payer’s decision is final on the best implementation and level of completion of a task and we will not enter any contract disputes and legal proceedings. If you are not satisfied with these terms please do not participate.

Please remember development on the .NET version of World Wind has no funding from NASA, and is done purely by the World Wind open source community, WWC/FEF rely purely on donations and advertisements to pay for our servers and hosting.

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  1. Satri

    Please remember development on the .NET version of World Wind has no funding from NASA

    Pardon my ignorance. Is the Java version development funded by the NASA? If not, what does the NASA do to help NWW development?!

  2. Bull_[UK]

    Yes the Java version (not released yet) is being funded and developed by NASA, the .NET version is currently developed soley by the open source community, it has to be approved by NASA for release but thats it.

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