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2023 Wrap up

This won’t be a full wrap up of 2023. Not because there’s nothing to say, but because some things are still up in the air at the moment. Also some people seem to be trying to twist what I say to suit their own agenda. 


Firstly I’m pleased to say that in 2023 I haven’t gone down with any bugs, or had any unscheduled hospital visits! I also have bigger team of carers, more than I’ve had in a long time. There are still gaps, and the second care agency, used for double up care, isn’t great or reliable. 

We seem to be getting somewhere though. Another long term carer is returning from maternity leave in January, so things should improve even more then.


I’ve managed to start taking photographs again, some of which aren’t bad. I’ll post a few below. 


I have also had lots of visits from my Goddaughter with her baby, which has been amazing. 

A baby wearing a baby grow laying in the crook of a man's arm
Raia January 2023

Watching her grow from a tiny little girl that could fit into the crook of my arm, to a little girl who can crawl about, say a few words and let you know exactly what she wants is so special.

I feel so grateful that I have been able to have this time with her. I am enjoying every stage of her development. I’m also looking forward to the next stages. Sharing stories, watching mind numbing children’s TV shows and teaching her as much as I can.

I also attended my first comiccon since the pandemic started. To be back with people who don’t judge, respect you and see you as part of a cosplay family was brilliant. I hadn’t realised how much I’d missed that. Now I just want to do more, if I’m able.

Daniel Baker as the Eleventh Doctor in front of a TARDIS
Cosplaying Doctor Who


On a more geeky note, I have rebuilt this website from scratch using the WordPress FSE. It was quite a learning experience, and frustrating at times. But now I don’t have to rely on themes built by others and can completely customise the site the way that I want it to be.

The site now has three parts to it. The main site at which I intend to use to focus on photography. It will show my best photographs and won’t focus on “me”, just my work.

The blog won’t vanish though! That will now be at and will be a personal space, with cosplay and my other interests, family photo albums and more personal photographs.

The shop will still remain for if I ever decide to become more professional and sell my work.

Other Stuff

I continue to volunteer with charities when I’m able to. During 2023 that has pretty much all been online. People being so used to Zoom, Teams etc. can make it easier to be involved. I do miss doing some things in person though, like mental health workshops and speaking about other disability issues.

For international day of persons with disabilities I was asked to write a piece for the local paper. I think the reporter did a great job with it and hopefully it will make some people think, or even just be an interesting read. You can find it on the Gloucestershire live website.

Newspaper article featuring Daniel Baker

That’s all I really have to say for now, hopefully next year I can share more. 

If anyone is struggling at this time of year please reach out to someone, or visit this page to find people who may be able to help get you through (I have helped them with various technical support this year, and believe they are a very caring group trying to make a difference in these very tough times).

I hope everyone has a great 2024 filled with love, respect and understanding.

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