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Google are now playing fair (kind of)

Lots of us in the community have been rather annoyed with the way Google seem to have had a personal grudge against World Wind, while letting other groups get away with whatever they want. Now it seems they are becoming more proactive, they have now contacted manifold, here’s a quote from the manifold website

Although all ISI drivers for Google are created by third parties unrelated to, we are concerned that our unwillingness to help Google stomp on such developers will expose 7x as a target. Therefore, to avoid legal complications that could delay the release of 7x, has removed discussion of third party ISI drivers for Google from the Help documentation committed to the 7x DVD. It could be that if Google’s lawyers come to their senses this topic will be restored in future updates available by download as part of the automatic update notification system in 7x.

Here is a link to the full article

It looks like MicroSoft are the new good guys of GIS, and more people will be using Virtual Earth

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  1. Anonymous

    Those manifold guys are for sure mad at Google… See


    Google may hate World Wind but they won’t be able to bully Microsoft like they did NASA.

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