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Royal Brompton – Day 3

Royal Brompton – Day 3, I slept very well on the Nippy 3+ only turning a couple of times, I was awake for a bit between 4 and 5 or so but that’s pretty normal even at home.  I had my morning obs around half eight and then managed to sleep until just after 10 when the pharmacist came to check all my medications and order some extras we hadn’t brought with us.

Professor Simonds and her team visited next with the results of my sleep study, it had gone really well with CO2 and Oxygen levels normal and even possibly slightly better than my BREAS results.  We discussed seeing the dietician and upping my heart medication and monitoring the effects while I’m here.

I managed to fit in a hairwash on my bed after this, I hadn’t had one in a couple of days and my head was suffering with sore, bloody spots.

Next a member of the respiratory team visited with two students to check I was happy with my ventilator settings and give them some first hand experience, this is always a good thing in my opinion and both were very friendly and interested.

Following this two Occupational Therapists visited to check what could be done in regards to stretching and my contractures, they went through a fair bit and will come back tomorrow while I’m in my chair to see if there’s anything they can suggest, there will be lots but wheelchair services can’t touch private chairs so I’m not sure what the outcome will be.

The last person to pop their head in was the dietician and we went through the special diet menu and she will bring up some supplement drinks to try tomorrow.

Royal Brompton - Day 3 A photograph of the Chelsea embankment looking towards Battersea power station in blue evening light

I decided I wanted a quick walk to the Chelsea Embankment to get some pictures, by the time we finally got out of the hospital there it was getting dark and cold but I wasn’t going to give up, we spent about an hour there, it’s extremely beautiful at night with reflections of the city light on the Thames and the bridges lit up.  We came back via BRGR CO at Mum and the PA’s insistence but I will say the staff there were friendly and according to Mum the whiskey was very nice indeed!

I got back ti my room cold and exhausted, I’m typing this up quickly before my final meds before I fall in to an exhausted sleep, it’s made worse by the fact I know I have to get up early tomorrow for all my appointments….


Edit (14/04/2020) – Some more pictures from that day below –

[photonic type=’google’ view=’photos’ album_id=’AHd8C399wuEjr_lUwbceNeYNUkrDZZqqACONlnIYBdPKaov9y8jIfhQ’ count=’6′ main_size=’1600′ layout=’random’]

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