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Wild Sanctuary Add-on released


I heard Wild Sanctuary would be releasing a kml in the #Where2.0 channel, it sounded pretty cool, so when I saw Stefan say it was released I checked it out, like him I feel it doesn’t work as well in GE which lacks sound support. But rather than rant against Google again I decided to convert the kml to a WW Add-on, this is the result click an icon and it plays the sound inside WW using the internal browser, I think it works pretty well, you can download it here.

I’m not sure how much effort I will put in to updating this Add-on, it’s pretty tedious converting a kml to WW xml, and when 1.4.1 is released hopefully the new kml fixes will make it redundant, I did make it a remote xml though so updates are possible, I will just wait and see how popular it is (if wild sanctuary want an official Add-on and provide me with a better data source than the kml I would of course be happy to do it).

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  1. Écoutons la Terre avec World Wind :o)

    Wild Sounscape Project (voir ce post du 30 mai) est désormais compatible avec World Wind grâce à Bull’s Rambles :o)

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